New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DLC & Multiplayer Details!

Some new details have emerged for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity regarding the game’s DLC and multiplayer functions.

There will be four pieces of day one DLC, which will give players more dungeons to explore, which will allow access to more items and new Pokemon to encounter.

These day one DLC dungeons include:
          Poke Forest: A dungeon littered with money, lots of it!..just watch out for sleeping Pokemon.
          Ivy Park: Another forest dungeon.
          Scalchop Beach: A beach dungeon, obviously.
          Pika Land: Another forest dungeon, filled with Pikachu and other electric Pokemon.

Poke Forest DLC

The Poke Forest dungeon will be free for purchase on day one and will continue to be so until April 30th, the day after the dungeon will be available for purchase for $2.00. The other three pieces of DLC will not be free at launch, however. Nintendo has stated that they will release other DLC throughout April.

Here is a trailer for the DLC dungeons:

Along with the addition of DLC, more multiplayer features have been revealed! There will be a Local Multiplayer mode called: “Companion Mode,” in which up to four players can participate. You and your friends can explore dungeons together and collect some EXP and items that carry over into the Single Player mode.

Companion Mode

The game will also utilize the Nintendo 3DS’ StreetPass function, which can be used to help out defeated players in dungeons by using a Reviver Seed to revive the fallen Pokemon! This is definitely a better function than what was used in previous entries.


On a side note, this game’s website has officially launched! You can check it out by clicking HERE to learn more about the game, as well as get updates on new features and upcoming DLC.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity is scheduled for release in North America on March 24th, 2013, for those who are interested in picking up this game.
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